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Clean light bulbs, lamps, and diffusers every 6-12 months. Dirty, greasy, or smoky light bulbs can reduce light output by as much as 10%. You'll avoid switching to a stronger lamp that uses more energy.


Lantern, Streamlight, LED, (3) White C4 and (1) Red C4 Lamp, Brown, One Red C4 LED To Preserve Night Vision, Ergonomic Handle Designed To Lock In Upright Or Stowed Position
The Siege® LED Lantern
Vest, Job Sight, High Visibility, Short Sleeve, Size Large / Extra Large, Fluorescent Yellow-Green, 2 Inch Silver Reflective Tape, 3 Interior and 5 Exterior Pockets, 12 Inch Plastic Zipper, Polyester
Class 2 Vest
Paint, Krylon Rust Tough, Enamel, Aerosol, Container Size 15 Ounce, Up to 22 Square Foot, Safety Yellow, 50 to 90 Degrees F, 25 Minute
Industrial Aerosol Paint
Bandana, Chill Its, Cooling, Stars and Stripes, Polyvinyl Acetal (PVA)
Evaporative Cooling Bandana


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